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  Engineering Continuing Education      

Professional Engineering License Renewal Continuing Education Requirements


Do our courses provide valid continuing education credit for this state? Yes

Do I have to send in evidence of completion of my continuing education credits? PDH log only

Continuing Education Personal Development Hours (PDH's): 24 PDH's required biannually

Renewal Date: Registration date biannually

Requirements: No course preapproval required, completion of college course (1 semester hour = 15 PDH's, 1/4 hour = 10 PDH's, monitoring allowed at 1/3 PDH level), or completion of continuing education course (10 PDH per 1 Continuing Education Unit), or successful completion of correspondence courses, televised or videotaped courses, other short courses/tutorials (1 PDH per hour of attendance), or presenting or attending seminars, in-house courses, workshops, presentations at meetings, conventions, conferences, other coursework (1 PDH per hour of development), or teaching a course for the first time (2 PDH per hour teached, full-time faculty not allowed to take this credit), authoring a published paper, article, or book (credit will equal preparation time upon publication, 25 PDH max), or making presentations at technical meetings, or attendance at technical meetings or professional meetings where the program comprises at least 1 PDH, or being granted a patent (10 PDH)

Renewal Exemptions: You are exempt from continuing education if: You just received your license this year, you are retired, you are in inactive status, you spent over 120 consecutive days overseas in employment or military service (non-career), being licensed in a state where the mandatory Professional Competency requirement of at least 15 PDH per year

Link: http://state.tn.us/commerce/boards/ae/engineer.shtml

Renewal Info Link: http://tn.gov/sos/rules/0120/0120-05.pdf

Online Renewal Link: http://www.tennesseeanytime.org/cirens/