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  Engineering Continuing Education      

Professional Engineering License Renewal Continuing Education Requirements


Do our courses provide valid continuing education credit for this state? Yes - keep track of hours spent on our courses for audit purposes

Do I have to send in evidence of completion of my continuing education credits? Yes

Continuing Education Personal Development Hours (PDH's): 15 PDH's required annually

Renewal Date: December 31 annually

Requirements: No course preapproval required, completion of college course (1 semester hour = 45 PDH's, 1/4 hour = 30 PDH's), or completion of continuing education course (10 PDH per 1 Continuing Education Unit), or successful completion of correspondence courses, televised or videotaped courses, other short courses/tutorials (1 PDH per hour of attendance), or presenting or attending seminars, in-house courses, workshops, presentations at meetings, conventions, conferences (1 PDH per hour of development), or teaching a course for the first time (1 PDH per hour teached), authoring a published paper, article, or book (10 PDH), or active participation (officer or committee member) in professional or technical societies (2 PDH each organization), or being granted a patent (10 PDH), or being a member of the Board's expert panel (2 PDH)

Renewal Exemptions: You are exempt from continuing education if: You just became registered, You are on active duty in the military

Link: http://peps.ohio.gov/

Renewal Info Link: http://www.peps.test.ohio.gov/ContinuingEducation.aspx

Online Renewal Link: https://license.ohio.gov/secure/default.asp