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Professional Engineering License Renewal Continuing Education Requirements

New York

Do our courses provide valid continuing education credit for this state? We are currently not registered as a recognized provider for continuing education for New York professional engineers - please check back soon.

Do I have to send in evidence of completion of my continuing education credits? Yes

Continuing Education Personal Development Hours (PDH's): 36 PDH required every 3 year renewal period

Renewal Date: Licensee's birthdate every three years

Requirements: Course must be approved by an agency recognized by the state, completion of continuing education course by approved provider, or presenting or attending seminars, professional meetings, or conferences offered by an approved continuing education provider (1 PDH per hour of preparation and delivery), or preparing or teaching a course offered by an approved New York State continuing education provider for the first time, authoring a published paper, article, or book (9 PDH per publication), or active participation in professional or technical societies (2 PDH each organization), or being granted a patent (9 PDH per patent)inuing education credit.

Renewal Exemptions: You are exempt from continuing education if: You work for a New York State governmental agency, you first became registered in the State of New York in the current renewal period, you are inactive, you fulfill the continuing education requirement for another state,

Renewal Info Link: http://www.op.nysed.gov/peceques.htm

Online Renewal Link: http://www.op.nysed.gov/renewalinfo.htm