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Professional Engineering License Renewal Continuing Education Requirements


Do our courses provide valid continuing education credit for this state? Yes

Do I have to send in evidence of completion of my continuing education credits? No

Continuing Education Personal Development Hours (PDH's): 30 PDH's biannually

Renewal Date: June 30 even years

Requirements: Completion of college course (1 semester hour = 45 PDH's, 1/4 hour = 30 hours), or completion of continuing education course (10 PDH per 1 Continuing Education Unit), or successful completion of correspondence courses where achievement is shown with examination, televised or videotaped courses, other short courses/tutorials (1 PDH per hour of attendance), or presenting or attending seminars, in-house courses, workshops, presentations at meetings, conventions, conferences (1 PDH per hour of development), or teaching a course for the first time (2 PDH per 1 PDH student credit), authoring a published paper, article, or book (10 PDH max), or active participation in professional or technical societies (2 PDH each organization earned at end of year of service), being granted a patent (10 PDH), or self study (max 10 PDH per renewal cycle)

Renewal Exemptions: You are exempt from continuing education if: You are a new licensee (exempt for the first 12 months after licensure only after which you must have 7.5 PDH's per six month period until first renewal period comes on June 30 of even year), you are serving temporary active duty in the U.S. armed forces for 120 consecutive days or more per year, licensees experiencing disability, illness, or other extenuating circumstances, retired professional engineers

Link: http://mt.gov/dli/pel/licenses/pel/pe_license.asp

Renewal Info Link: http://www.mtrules.org/gateway/ruleno.asp?RN=24.183.2105

Online Renewal Link: https://app.mt.gov/epass/epass/login?state=MTE4ADI3NgA=